Choose your cloud

The MatchX (API/ software system) sends your data to either your chosen cloud service or, store it on ours, by using MatchX cloud you’ll experience the seamless interaction between the MatchX Cloud and our in-depth exclusive Data Reporting Tool.

If you want to stay with your preferred IoT cloud, we’ll take care of hardware, coverage, roaming and anti-collision. Using MatchX, your private IoT network can easily be built, secured and managed for your specific needs.

You can choose between our regional server locations.

Take advantage of the complete end-to-end solution by using the MatchX Cloud to manage your LPWAN hardware. 

The MatchX Cloud allows for frictionless registration for both your gateways and sensors.

Any infrastructure based on multiple components requires careful synchronisation and version control. 

MatchX cloud provides firmware updates, which reduces time and operation costs of your eco-system.

Using MatchX Cloud you are not bound to one platform.

An easy to use MatchX API allows direct integrations of hardware into your pipelines and analytics.

MatchX supports the integration of blockchain for the purpose of micro payments between LPWAN sensors and LPWAN Gateways owned by different parties.

This includes the MXC Standard for Smart Cities and the Future of IoT, as well as a native IOTA integration.

Data is a high-value resource. We provide cryptographic security to keep the data you collect safe while supporting complete and easy access to it.