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MatchX Products

MatchX offers you superior outdoor Gateways, development kits and sensor core chips, to build and scale your IoT projects. We offer a free cloud service but leave you the option to use your own server. Design your IoT project now.


The M2 Pro is the easiest mining rig to setup ever, requiring only a phone app – MXC Data Dash to operate. No hassle with wires, no coding skills, no monitor, no keyboard necessary!

Why MatchX is different

MatchX offers reliable, long distance, wireless LoRaWAN networking solutions for your IoT project. MatchX weather-resistant, outdoor gateways create a reliable low cost network. Only 8-10 Match gateways are required to create network coverage for a large city like Berlin. More than 60k sensors and devices can connect to one gateway. LoRa sensors are ultra-low power and can run 10+ years with a single battery.

Weather Resistant Outdoor Gateway

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Free Cloud Access

MatchX – Solution

The most reliable gateway on the planet

Smart City

With rapid advancements in technology, there is a need to find sustainable solutions in order to conserve energy and save costs.

MatchX Smart city

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With all this space it’s understandable that logistics play a vital role in tracking and locating shipments and the whereabouts of specific containers.

MatchX Logistics

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Future of Agriculture

Farming is big business and in order to make big profits you’re going to need a big farm!

MatchX Future of Agriculture

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