Why should I use MatchX LoRaWAN for my smart city project?

Cities are hit by multiple challenging problems at once: ballooning populations, accelerating climate change, toxic pollution and infrastructure pushed to the limit. The issues place serious strains on the economic sustainability of human activities and the quality of life in modern urban areas.

Hong Kong at night time

Cities are likewise at the forefront of finding and proving solutions. Michael Bloomberg who served three terms as Mayor of the City of New York famously said: “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it and you can’t fix it.”

The collection of data is critical for urban infrastructures and governance. The Internet of Things (IoT) is at the core of data collection for empirical urban policy-making. Plenty of connected devices are sensing data across cities: in vehicles, infrastructure and buildings.

Wireless networks form an integral part of this chain, as they enable the exchange of information with a flexible and low-cost deployment.

The problem that MatchX has set out to solve is something that we are all familiar with. We have had our fair share of frustrations with WiFi and Bluetooth — be it the frequent drops in connectivity, limited reach or the high energy consumption. There is a massive strain placed on the current wireless systems causing network overcapacity and leading to loss of data.

Technologies such as WiFi and 4G enable billions of people to stay connected. But are these the right technologies moving forward with regards to both efficiency and performance for machine-to-machine communication?

For devices that need to send small amounts of data over long distances without exhausting their batteries, LoRaWAN is the state of the art smart city network technology.

Imagine being able to relay data over a range of 30 km without the use of the internet. MatchX supports IoT applications in smart cities by offering secure bi-directional communications.

For city planners using MatchX LoRa WAN, there a number of advantages :

The name says it all. Gateways that create the LoRaWAN networks have a wide range of up to 20km and need low power, with batteries lasting up to 10 years. Cities can connect up to 60 000 sensors to one gateway and the transmission of the collected data is highly secure thanks to end-to-end encryption.

The applications in cities are versatile. Trash pick up can be coordinated and reduce traffic and costs as sensors measure how full bins are and when pick up is need. Our latest waste optimization project with Citysense in NYC can be found here: https://blog.matchx.io/matchx-partners-with-citiesense-to-bring-lpwan-to-nyc

Smart parking can provide real-time monitoring of free spots in crowded car parks. MatchX has supplied technology to monitor and notify available parking spaces within seconds in Daejeon, Korea. Read more here: https://blog.matchx.io/matchx-introduces-smart-parking-solutions-in-south-korea

For more on LoRaWAN and MatchX:


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