The force is strong with this one

Build a Quick Proof of Concept

The LPWAN Dev Kit by MatchX is a high performance, ready to use development platform allowing you to kick-start your IoT project.

Remote Control

Harness the full potential of LPWAN. Software updates & data reading can be done via a mobile phone.


CE and FCC certificated

Test your IoT Project

The Dev Kit is specifically designed to work with all different sorts of sensors that can be adjusted to specific applications and individual needs.

Test your sensor setup with MatchX Dev Kit. Built with a Grove Sensor connector, you are able to connect nearly any sensor and test it with the MatchX Gateway and Cloud solution, or with the optional NB-IoT connector. The LPWAN Dev Kit offers ultra long range, exceeding 20 kilometers and contains MatchX’s patented method for updating LPWAN sensors.

Choose the device you need for your country

DeviceChannel PlanSupporting Countries
MX1733EU863-870Please contact us if you aren’t certain.
Weight.25 kg
Dimensions18.5 x 13.5 x 4.5 cm
BluetoothLow Energy 4.2
RangeUltra Long Range 20 KM
Power OutputUp to 17dBm output power, -146dBm sensitivity
Development EnvironmentDialog DA1468X SDK
Temperature SensorNXP PCT2075
CPUDialog SmartBond™ DA14680
Memory18 Mb FLASH, 64 kB OTP memory, 128 kB Data SRAM 16 kB Cache SRAM, 128 kB ROM
IoTSX1276 @ 20dBm Output Power 868/915Mhz, -146dBm Sensitivity
BLEBluetooth 4.2 @ 0dBm
Grove SensorOne connector that supports Grove sensors from Seeed Studio
Supply5V USB-C connector
Battery2.0mm Pitch connector for optional battery with charging capability
Sleep Power10-20 uA
Operating Temperature Range\\\’-40°C to 85°C\\\’
FeaturesRGB-LED, RESET, User Button, Temperature Sensor, GPS, IO Expander, Unique ID EEPROM, JLink Deplugger
LoraWAN supportV1.0.2, Class A/C
Interface12 fully flexible GPIOs, SWD, RESET, USB-C, SPI, UART, I²S, I²C
AntennaUFL/SMA for BLE, Lora, GPS