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Build your own IoT project with MatchX. 

Deployment of highly-scalable and energy-efficient devices working in Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) perfectly suits to various IoT applications such as smart metering, asset tracking, silo monitoring, and others. Start your project today.

MatchX offers reliable, long distance, wireless LoRaWAN networking solution for your IoT project.

MatchX weather-resistant, outdoor gateways create a reliable low cost network. Only 8-10 MatchX gateways are required to create network coverage for a large city like Berlin.

More than 60k sensors and devices can connect to one gateway. Lora sensors are ultra-low power and can run 10+ years with a single battery.


MatchX gateways offer excellent performance with superior power output at +30 dBm in 902-928 MHz and highest sensitivity of +27 dBm 863-870 MHz and -143 dBm.
The gateways include advanced listen-before-talk technology and spectral scan, allowing for the MatchX Gateway to check data traffic at anytime and avoid data collision.

MatchX gateways are some of the longest reaching LPWAN Gateways available on the market, with recorded ranges over 35km.
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Dev Kit

Using the MatchX Dev Kit and MatchX Core you can program and test your customised LPWAN sensor.
Together with a MatchX Core module the Dev Kit is an incredibly flexible solution that can be deployed in a various number of applications which require long-distance communication and long battery life.
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Using MatchX, your private IoT network can easily be built, secured and managed for your specific needs.
The MatchX (API/ software system) sends your data to either your chosen cloud service or, store it on ours, by using MatchX cloud you'll experience the seamless interaction between the MatchX Cloud and our in-depth exclusive Data Reporting Tool with advanced Blockchain for data sharing and network sharing.

If you want to stay with your preferred IoT cloud, we’ll take care of hardware, coverage, roaming and anti-collision.
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