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Audio Analysis

Analyze audio content, directly on the sensor

Video Analysis

Analyze video content, directly on the sensor

Image Analysis

Analyze pictures, directly on the sensor


Leverage LPWAN networks to transmit analysis results

Develop new AI powered LPWAN networks

Data Pre-Processing

Send only selected data to the cloud. The data being processed from cameras, microphones or other sensors never leaves the device. By processing data locally, avoid storing a lot of data in the cloud and avoid privacy issues.

No personalized data stored

Avoid GDPR issues. LoRa or NB-IoT network use low bandwidth and low power and therefore do not send personalized data

Sensor fusion

The neural network merges data from multiple sensors and increases data accuracy

AI on low power

Many AI applications are energy-intensive. Not in combination with LoRa networks. (EdgeX < 1 watt)

AI for your needs

Do you want to detect cars, bicycles, machines per video or sound? MatchX develops the specialized AI for you.

AI in remote areas

AI applications even in remote areas with otherwise limited connectivity

Discover the EdgeX AI Development Kit

Project Steps

MatchX develops software for your intelligent EdgeAI sensor with data processing capabilities, to pre-process data where the data is collected.


Contact Us

Fill out the application form and tell us which project you want to build (we will get back to you within 2 business day)


Identify opportunity

We set up a call for you to talk to our Business Development & Tech team and help you identify the best opportunities and use cases.


Envisioning workshop

We gather the information about your use case(e.g. which objects you want to detect), uncover and discuss the unique value EdgeX AI will bring to your company and develop a roadmap.


Deploy and scale your solution

We deliver the project with the IT infrastructure. MatchX ecosystem provides hardware and software monitoring tools to scale your solution.

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